Wednesday, September 1, 2010


My friend E and I have this fascination with graveyards. I especially like wandering around graveyards where my ancestors are buried, but really, I'd explore any graveyard. But only in the daylight.

Check out these amazing pictures I found wandering a graveyard in rural MN! These photos are of my great-great grandparents Herman & Agnes and they are actually permanently fixed to their headstones. You just never know what you'll find.


Jay and Linz said...

I love graveyards too! Especially the really old creepy ones :) What great pictures you found!

emily said...

Just wait until we can spend the day at Arlington National Cemetery! MIss you LOTS!!! xoxox

Tom I said...

I recognized the pictures on the gravestones..these are my great grandparents. They had a son, also named Herman (my grandpa) who was a state representative in the 1940's. I also grew up not far from the town of Meire Grove where all of the above are buried.
Tom Imdieke